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Having a public journal means not being able to post about the real things that go on in my life that I want to share. It also risks the chance of someone who I hate reading exactly what I think of them! So, if I know you from somewhere, feel free to comment to be added! Just mention where you're from. :)

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Join crimeland!

First off, I would very much like you to show your support for Team Teachers over at gleeverse  by following this link:


Also, I'm here pimping my community to try and earn some points for the fabulous Team JJ. *tears at promo for next week's episode* Anyhow, if you love Criminal Minds as much as I do, come join in on the fun!

Can't get enough of Criminal Minds? Love taking part in land communities? Then come join us over at crimeland and be a part of either Team JJ, Team Reid, Team Morgan or Team Garcia. Let the best crime fighter win!
And, if you decide to join, don't forget who sent you! ;)
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Mucho Icons!

I'm so glad that I've finally finished all of these and am able to post them. I decided to enter a bunch of 20in20 challenges this month for the first time, and had lots of fun making them. I finished some of these ages ago, but I decided to wait until I had finished everything before posting everything up. Beware of this image-heavy post, and take a look if you want!

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[56] Criminal Minds Cast Icons (AJ, Paget, MGG, etc)

I was in a Criminal Minds icon-making mood last night and decided to make some AJ Cook icons, but there were so many lovely pictures of the cast that I ended up making some of the others as well.

[1-15] AJ Cook
[16-28] Matthew Gray Gubler
[29-40] Paget Brewster
[41-56] General Cast Icons

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charlie/claire - his greatest hit

fic: filling the void - charlie/claire

Title: Filling the Void
Charlie/Claire, Kate, Aaron, Jate and Skate references
When a young Aaron begins to ask question about his father, Claire finds herself in a difficult position as her mind wanders to the man whom she had loved and lost so long ago.
Notes: My first lost fic. (: Also posted @

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:D That was an amazing game!

Interesting fact about the Olympics: As of one hour ago, Canada has won the most gold medals in any Winter Olympic Games in history.
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